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Be careful what you download

Only download software from a trusted source. The allure of free software can be quite...... continue

Be careful what emails you open
Don't open attachments or click links in emails from strangers...... continue 

Preventing Spyware
Spyware is actually more dangerous than a virus. It can steal personal data and track your..... continue


I misplaced my license information

Your license key is your email ID. Please download the new version. The new version requires you to use your email address (Email ID) that you used when you signed up. If you are using the old version it will not work. Please Download the latest version now. The new version also includes many new updates.

After you download the latest version please click on register. It will open up a web browser and also open up the Netcom3 software activation screen. Please close the web browser and proceed to the Netcom3 software and put in your email address and click "Activate Netcom3". Your software will then be activated.

Note: Please be sure to use the same email you used when you signed up. If it does not work please contact our new members activation department at  and your request will be handled immediately.








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