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What is Windows Registry?
  The registry is one of the most vital components of your Windows operating system because it stores all software and hardware configuration information of your PC. As your PC gets older, the registry starts getting filled up when you install/uninstall applications, browse the Web, create new files and folders, and perform various other activities on your system. 

Over time, loads of unwanted, obsolete, incorrect, and malicious data collects in the registry causing registry bloating. A large, bloated registry easily gets corrupted and fragmented and starts generating system errors and causing frequent system freezes. At times, registry errors may become so severe that they may damage your PC beyond repair.

Because of this, it is important for you to regularly clean your registry. However, the registry hive is quite complex and it is not possible even for an experienced computer technician to scan and clean the registry manually. Thus, it is recommended that you use a registry cleaner utility to perform registry clean up and repair. Let’s now have a look at the top 6 benefits of cleaning your Windows registry.

Regularly cleaning the registry enables you to prevent the accumulation of unwanted junk data within it. This helps you to prevent registry bloating and to maintain a compact registry. A compact and stable registry considerably improves the performance of your PC and helps you enjoy error-free computing for a long time.

Remove Corrupt Registry Entries

Because the registry is the most accessed and used component of your Windows system, the chances of registry errors are quite high. Registry errors occur due to corrupt and incorrect registry entries and fragmented registry files. Using your registry cleaner tool, you can easily fix these registry errors and also defrag the registry to make registry files contiguous and easier to access, thereby preventing and repairing many registry errors. Registry cleaners also enable you to create registry backups. So, if in spite of all your corrective steps, the registry fails, you can restore it from the registry backup and have your PC up and running in no time.

Boost System Performance

Cleaning the registry to keep it free from unwanted, outdated, and corrupt registry entries helps you in boosting the performance of your computer. Regular registry cleanup, repair and defrag makes your system stable and speeds it up for optimal performance.



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" Intuitive program, easy to use and provided clear solutions to improve pc performance. A must have program for anyone with a pc.
- Sally Memphis - New York, US


" A fantastic tool for tuning your computer to perform at its best, so easy to install that even a total novice such as myself can see the difference straight away! - John Lewis - Miami, US


" After just purchasing your product, i couldn't believe just how unintrusive it is, the program simply zips through the system and detects files that most internet users are totally unaware off, it works a brilliant job of elimination.
- Hellen N. - Newquay, UK


" Your software found and deleted 725 problems in my PC. After fixing the errors, my computer has recovered amazingly, and now i get no more errors when I start up my PC. Thank you very much indeed! "
- Tony H. - Sydney, AUS



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